Cardinal Association d'Avocats, AARPI


Employment & Labor Law

Cardinal assists its clients (including, in particular, companies and executives), on all advisory and litigation aspects of employment law, and more specifically:

Corporate Law

Cardinal advises clients in all areas of corporate law:

Torts, Contracts, & Commercial Law

Cardinal represents clients in business litigation before civil and commercial courts:

Real Estate

Cardinal assists the various stakeholders in all areas of real estate advising them and representing them in disputes:

Criminal law

Cardinal assists and represents clients before criminal courts in disputes involving companies or their directors, officer and employees:

Individual rights and family law

Cardinal works in all areas of individual rights and family law:

Legal profession

Cardinal handles labor disputes within law firms and disputes between lawyers:


Cardinal assists its clients in dealing with European Community law, European law, and American law issues when they arise, working closely with local lawyers when necessary.